MBS T&C - New Investor in the Business Park

Biznis Park, Bački Petrovac-Business Park, Bački Petrovac-MBS T&C - New Investor in the Business Park

Company MBS Technology & Commerce has started production in Republic of Serbia into facilities rented at Business Park Backi Petrovac. MBS Technology & Commerce operates as subsidiary company of MBS UG from Neustadt near Hannover, Germany. The company MBS UG has established in 1996.

MBS Technology & Commerce is active in processing of rubber, vulcanization of raw rubber, on a hydraulic machines by injection into molding. The most common products in the production program are seals of various shapes and sizes, various membranes, ribbed rubber hose, etc. The products are mostly sold in auto industry sector and in the sector of agricultural machinery.

More information about MBS Technology & Commerce  is available on the company website: www.mbs-streifling.de

This way, we would like to welcome them and wish a successful start.

Currently members of our industrial zone are active in the production of medical materials, laboratory reagents, production of auto parts, manufacture of wooden spools for cable industry, the production of pellets, crops trade, etc.

The arrival company from field of rubber processing is indicator that Business Park is a suitable place for companies from various sectors of the economy.