Responsible advertising in real-estate Serbia!

Biznis Park, Bački Petrovac-Business Park, Bački Petrovac-Responsible advertising in real-estate Serbia!

An advertisement is not only a matter of business, but also a matter of what we can do for our society. Thanks to our tenants, those entering Backi Petrovac from Novi Sad or Backa Palanka, through the village Glozan, will always be informed about the date, time and weather.  This is another proof that mutual support gives excellent results.  The advertisement set by one of our members will definitely draw the attention towards the others as well, because we are all together in the industrial zone.  Our competitively priced business real-estate, disregarding whether we are talking about the shop, hall, warehouse or a production facility, can be at this price level exactly because of the savings we achieve jointly.