Financial Burden because of the Real-Estate. Not Any More.

Biznis Park, Bački Petrovac-Business Park, Bački Petrovac-Financial Burden because of the Real-Estate.;  Not Any More.

Believe it or not - the cheapest option to start your own business is not in your own premise, disregarding whether we are talking about warehouse, production space, or offices.  This is especially true for trade and production businesses, as well as all those businesses that require special care of the goods and material involved.  

For the purpose of this example, we shall assume that your business requires 500 m2 of space and security with video surveillance.  In order to organize a watch guard service 24 h per day, you will need to hire at least 4 men, meaning that you will have a burden of 4 salaries a month.  As the current situation in Serbia is, these 4 salaries add up to a Euro 1,200 per month, assuming that you pay the lowest possible salary there is. Furthermore, you will need clothes, cameras, dogs, etc.  Even if the cost was only the salary, your own business space would be burdened by Euro 1200 for 500 m2, i.e. Euro 2.4 per m2. 

If you decided to rent these 500 m2 in the Business Park Backi Petrovac, it would cost you approximately Eur 2 per m2 plus Euro 0.1 per m2 for the security service.  Practically - when you add all the costs together, you pay less each month if you work in our buildings than in your own. 

So?  Is it not cheaper to rent than to own?  Check out the list of our available business buildings.  Our tenants have more than 20 services like security service, organized on the spot, and they save money on every single one of them!!!