High Speed Internet Installed

Biznis Park, Bački Petrovac-Business Park, Bački Petrovac-High Speed Internet Installed

Business Park Bački Petrovac has recently equipped its buildings with the optical cables used for the internet connection.  The internet speed is important for all of our members, and therefore we decided to help everyone to have safest and fastest internet network. 

Based on our estimations, there are at least 50 PCs turned on and connected to the world wide web at each moment in the Business Park, serving very different purposes. From using VoIP technologies, to managing production in the real time, all the way to the constant data exchange with the headquarters abroad, and overseeing security cameras 24/7, internet is the key to all processes in our industrial zone.  For that reason, it is our strategic decision to keep developing internet infrastructure at our business locations.

If your company is active in the ICT sector, give us a call.  Maybe your new business home is here.