Real-estate away from the Business Park

In order to be able to provide office and living space to our clients, we have added apartments, offices, and shops to our offer.  Our property located outside of the Business Park is situated in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Zrenjanin.  To look up these pieces of property, just use the list on this web site in the same way as when you are researching the property in the Business Park.   

All our apartments, shops, and offices are located in strategically good places in these cities, meaning that the connection to major streets, highway, and institutions is rather quick.  Also, market for many products is available on the spot because of the large number of pedestrians walking nearby.  Our offer is diverse, and moreover, our property is easily adaptable to the needs of the buyer or tenant.

Production building near Novi Sad 2200 m2

Nice production building, located near Novi Sad, Serbia, in the village of Selenca. It is located in the construction area of the village. It has been built originally to serve the purpose of storing fruits and vegetables in the cold store. However, in this condition as it is today, the building is still adaptable for other purposes based on the wishes of buyers or tenants.

Production or Warehouse near Novi Sad Pivnice

This nice building, available for rent or sale, is located in Pivnice, municipality of Backa Palanka, 45 km away from Novi Sad.  The building is fully equipped with infrastructure meaning that it has water, electricity, internet, video surveillance, parking and roundabout driveway enabling trucks to run through it.


Apartment in the Center of Novi Sad

This apartment is located in the center of Novi Sad, Jug Bogdana st. No 10.  It is relatively new, since the building itself is not more than 10 years old.  It is equipped with 2 lavatories, central heating system, and a terrace.  It is 2 level apartment with the total square area of 88 m2.

Production Building near Novi Sad 500 m2

This building, originally built to serve as a cold store, is located near Novi Sad, Serbia, in the village Selenca.  It is situated in the business construction zone of the village.  Its square area is app 500 m2, but in this condition, it can still be expanded or adapted to the specific wishes of the future investor.


Apartment for rent/sale Novi Sad Center

This two-rooms apartment of 61 m2 is located on the main Boulevard in Novi Sad, Serbia, in the firm, high-quality building built with yellow facade bricks. It is equipped with the closets built in walls, living room with the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a terrace.  The terrace looks towards the backyard, securing always enough privacy and quietness.

Apartment for rent/sale Zrenjanin 74 m2

This is a new, very nice large apartment, located in the center of Zrenjanin, a town in Serbia with the growing industry.  The building is located in Vojvode Bojovića street, No 27.  The apartment has a square area of 74 m2 and is situated on the second floor. Beautifully designed, with 4 rooms, it provides an easy access to the supermarket, just beneath, on the ground floor.

Apartment for rent/sale Zrenjanin 31 m2

We are selling or renting this cozy little business apartment, i.e. apartment with the kitchen separated from the bedroom.  With its nice design and warm colors, it is a perfect living space for a couple or single person, but can easily be used only for rent. The apartment is located in Vojvode Bojovića street No 25 in Zrenjanin, on the mezzanine.  The neighborhood is very nice because everything you may need is located nearby, starting from shops to the institutions.  Despite the fact that it is located in the center of the town, there is plenty of parking space around this building.


Shop for rent/sale Novi Sad Detelinara

In Novi Sad, in the neighborhood that has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, we can offer you a shop for sale.  Our shop is located in a very attractive place, in the Dr Svetislava Kasapinovica street, in a building that has been filled with tenants already for a long time.  Practically, by buying this shop, you are buying the market that already exists above you in the building and in the neighborhood. The square area of this shop is app 45 m2, but the shop itself is rather high inside, so it can easily be turned into a shop with substantially larger square area, simply by installing another level on an inside terrace.

Shop for rent/sale Novi Sad Center

We are offering this nice small shop in the center of Novi Sad, Serbia, for rent or sale. The shop is located in the Dimitrija Avramovića street, close to a very popular pizza parlor called CIAO.  This shop has been fully equipped, and we currently have a tenants inside, the company producing cakes and sweets.  Practically, if you buy this shop, you are buying a renting contract together with the shop, so you can consider this as a good investment.  The shop has 29 m2, and it is connected to the district heating.

Office for rent/sale Belgrade Center

This unique piece of real estate in the center of Belgrade is available for rent or sale.  It is located in Kralja Milutina street No 13, near the Slavija square.  This is an office space consisting of 6 offices and suitable for one or more companies, with the possibility to build 2 lavatories instead of one as is available now.  The best thing about this business space is the fact that it can be heated by electrical heaters or district heating, but also, there is some room in the basement where it would be possible to set another type of heating system.

Office for rent/sale Novi Sad Center

This office space is located at the most attractive location in Novi Sad, in the very center of the city, just across the street from the head post office.  Offices are situated on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building located in the Narodnih heroja street No 5.  This office space consists of 2 units, one on the 1st floor of 103 m2, and another one of 61 m2 on the 2nd floor. If you are interested to buy this property, you can buy both, or choose the unit you like better.  Generally speaking, this piece of real estate could be suitable not only for office business, but also for hostel, student housing, or similar.

House with orchard for sale Sombor

This nice piece of real estate is located on the very attractive location in Sombor, Serbia.  Despite the fact that it is situated very close to the center of the town, it is a real natural oasis.  It can be used for living, for camping and weekend tourism, but also for those who enjoy agriculture because there are app 200 walnut trees around the house.  The part with trees is our property, while the house and the backyard are owned by our neighbor, but we are selling the property together.


Arable land for sale near Novi Sad

Arable land is for sale in the village of Sajkas, Serbia.  The land plot No is 2234/1, and this piece of land is categorized as the 3rd category land of 1 ha 18 a 95 m2.  This land plot is located in the cadastre area of Sajkas village, on the road connecting Sajkas and Mosorin.

House in Subotica

This house is located in the center of Subotica, in Endrea Bajci Zilinskog street, 200 meters from the City Hall and the promenade. The house with attic floor has a total area of over 150m2 and consists of 5 rooms with 3 lavatories.