We have had our moments of glory when it comes to media, and we are trying really hard to make photo camera love us, even if it is only our picture in the newspapers.  

Without media attention, there is no real estate sales, and we are well aware of the fact that this is the rule for Serbia, as well as for any country in the world.  For that matter, on this page you can see what the media people have said and written about us in the previous period.

How Others See Us (2014)

This year as well, certain amount of media coverage was dedicated to us and the most interesting moments of our real estate business during 2014.  Open this article to read more about those who followed us, and the information they shared.....

How Others See Us (2013, 2012)

During 2013, printed media have given us some promotional space several times.  Take a look at the published material and coverage of the happenings in our industrial zone.....