Already a dozen of companies found their business home in our industrial zone.  They all operate in different sectors, but collaborate on everyday occasions in the Business Park Backi Petrovac.  We are proud with the fact 2 of our investors are foreign companies, but also with the fact that some small companies have already developed so well during their stay at the Business Park that they bought their own facilities by now.  

Our current tenants that operate at our industrial zone are:

  • Agrogrnja - grains and cereals trader;
  • Vojmedical - producer of medical material;
  • Teleoptik - producer of car parts;
  • Alfapanon - producer of laboratory reagents;
  • Biopel - producer of biomass pellets;
  • Mitus - rent-a-car;
  • Hiperinvest - real-estate trader;
  • God export - producer of wooden wheels for cable industry;
  • Mala krčma - rstaurant.

Occasionally, large companies like PepsiCo and Blockx use our premises as well, both very active foreign investors at the municipality of Backi Petrovac.