Our services

Industrial zone Business Park Backi Petrovac is supposed to be a place where entrepreneurs will be able to focus on their core business and do what they are the best at.   In order to achieve this and harmonize our processes, Business Park management team has started providing a chain of service available to entrepreneurs that work at our location, disregarding whether they bough, leased, or rented their business facilities from us.  

Starting with the intellectual, business services, all the way to the technical and legal services, our team is constantly trying to enlarge the number of services available each month.  Some of the services we created simply because of our intuition, but some were developed together with our tenants.

Services are actually the reason why our business makes sense, and why it is cheaper to work in our premises, than elsewhere where facilities can be (theoretically) obtained for 0 Eur/m2/month .   We shall here provide an indicative example:  To secure your factory with the physical and video surveillance costs at least as much as the 4 salaries cost at the place where the factory is.  Based on the current prices in Serbia, it would be a monthly cost of approximately Euro 1,400 per month.  If your business requires 500 m2 of space, and you work with us at our location, you will be charged 0.1 Eur/m2 for this service, i.e. 50 Eur/month.   It means that we have additional Euro 1,350 of the negotiation room, to determine the amount of your rent.  Based on the current price list, 500 m2 of production space could cost between Euro 750 and 1,000 per month, meaning that your costs would be lower with us, than in the case that someone gave you away a production premise of 500 m2!!!  

Currently, our tenants can count on the following services provided by us:

  • Security with video surveillance;
  • Lawn mowing / snow removal;
  • Availability and maintenance of the hydrant network;
  • Meeting and conference rooms (per hour);
  • Internet;
  • Accounting;
  • Legal services;
  • IT services – network administration;
  • Car wash;
  • Parking, etc.