Business Park

Business Park Backi Petrovac is the first domestic, 100% private industrial zone in Serbia.  It has been founded in 2010 with the goal to create the affordable and friendly micro environment for domestic and foreign investors.  It should help create jobs, and economically launch business community in the region.

Based on the long term experience in the Western Balkans, we are well aware of the challenges that the environment puts ahead of entrepreneurs that are active in the region.  For that matter, we decided to put in the personal effort and as much as possible improve our business environment.  The result of our activities can be seen today in the Business Park Backi Petrovac:

  • More than 12 ha of the construction land, ready for green-field investments,
  • 30 business premises with the total square area of 14,400 m2 , ready for brown-field investments (structures range from 25 to 5,000 m2),
  • Electricity network with 3 trafo stations, and the expansion possibilities,
  • Water supply network,
  • Natural gas network (medium pressure),
  • Fire-fighting hydrant network,
  • Municipal sewerage connection (optional).