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    Chargers for electric vehicles in Business Park
    According with global trends and care for the environment BPBP has put into operation Charging station for electric vehicles.
    On our administrative building were installed two CEE Industrial Plug 5 RED 16A connector.
    Charging the vehicle as possible during all 24 hours and is completely free.

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    New service in Business Park
    Transportation of employees is completely new service in Business Park.
    Using this service, employees can easier and cheaper get to their workplace.
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    Offices for Rent in Belgrade and Novi Sad
    Recently, Business Park Bački Petrovac has come in a position to be able to offer office space
    at exclusive locations in the city capitol Belgrade, and second largest city in the country, Novi Sad
    Offices have 126 and 260 m2, Belgrade and Novi Sad, respectively.
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    Easier to spot Business Park!
    Thanks to our good neighbors, company Stilby from Backi Petrovac that produces Styrofoam decorations
    our management building looks much nicer
    and it is much easier to be spotted from the main road. 
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    Business park - presentation
    Presentation with 3D video visualisation
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    Financial Burden because of the Real-Estate.
    Not Any More.
    Believe it or not - the cheapest option to start your own business is not in your own premise
    disregarding whether we are talking about warehouse, production space, or offices.
    It is cheaper to rent our business premises than to work in your own facilities.You do not believe?!
    Click this article to find out how!
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    High Speed Internet Installed
    Business Park Bački Petrovac has recently equipped its buildings with the optical cables
    used for the internet connection.
    The internet speed is important for all of our members, and therefore
    we decided to help everyone to have safest and fastest internet network.